CSSN News – Escorted convoys now available for Trinidad/Grenada passage  – June 8, 2019


A recent attempt at piracy between Trinidad and Grenada has brought out the best in officials and stakeholders in Trinidad.  Demonstrating their commitment to the yachting and cruising community’s safety and security they responded quickly and effectively.  Organized escorted convoys with the Trinidad/Tobago Coast Guard (TTCG) along with radio monitoring by North Post Radio (NPR) for groups of 8-10 yachts wishing to make this passage are now available.  Additional convoys are currently being organized after a few trial groups worked with stakeholders and officials to fine tune the process.  Any yachts wishing to participate can initiate the process by utilizing this online form.   Yachts that transit individually are reminded the TTCG advises you file a float plan, receive their most up-to-date routing advice, and use normal lighting at all times, and AIS when possible.

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