Boat Watch Net

ibwn-logo (1)Even in a world of cell phones and internet, it is sometimes necessary for family and friends to make contact with those aboard, offshore on passage or anchored in remote, or off the grid locations.  Emergency and priority messages can be passed to yachts by contacting the “Boat Watch Net” which is operated as a public service of The Maritime Mobile Service Network, Inc.

Boat Watch

They utilize their extensive contacts to enable high priority communications and locate overdue and missing vessels. Their extensive network consists of all known amateur radio networks having to do with mariners and some commercial networks.  They also utilize many contacts outside of the amateur or ham spectrum.  Using their extensive contacts all over the world, on yachts and on land, they target your important message to a portion of their distribution list based on the last known whereabouts and next destination of the boat in question.

They have successfully contacted over 100 vessels, many in record time, and have verified passage of the priority information.

Make your shore side family and emergency contacts aware of this valuable service. To initiate a boat watch, complete their online Incident Reporting Form.

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