Boat Watch Net

ibwn-logo (1)Emergency and priority messages can be passed to other yachts by contacting the “Boat Watch Net” which is operated as a public service of  ShipCom LLC, which owns and operates Public Coast Stations WLO and KLB. Originally founded by Amateur Radio Operator Mike Pilgrim (K5MP) this network has grown in popularity amongst mariners, their families and friends. In March of 2007  ShipCom LLC agreed to take over operation of the network as a public service to the Maritime community. Make your shore side family and emergency contacts aware of this valuable service.

Boat WatchThose with web access, can fill in the “Incident Reporting Form” online.

Please use the Boatwatch Net to pass only emergency and priority messages, NOT for confirming flights, arrival times, “just wonder where you are” etc.   They do this on a volunteer basis, as a public service, and we do not want to take advantage of them. They have extensive contacts all over the world, on yachts and on  land, and will target your message to a portion of the distribution list based on the last known whereabouts and next destination of the boat in question.

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