Canouan- HELP PLEASE Mr. Godfred Pompey


from:Caribbean Safety and Security Net <>
date:Mon, Sep 7, 2015 at 10:33 AM
subject:Canouan- HELP PLEASE
Mr. Godfred Pompey
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of National Security, Air and Port Development


I am seeking your assistance in resolving a persistent problem in Canouan, SVG.

Several requests for assistance with various agencies of your government and police departments have failed to elicit any response,  escalating a problem of a persistent thief who targets visiting yachts in Canouan  to one of failure to fulfill the basic SVG policing responsibility and communications with the community. I believe the latter falls squarely within your purview.

1) please promptly acknowledge your receipt of this email
2) advise who in SVG will formally address this problem

3) provide whatever communications links (email) might be needed to accomplish item 2

I am attaching various prior communications so that you can appreciate the substantial efforts CSSN has made to communicate and seek SVG police assistance. Also attached is a summary of the variety of crimes that have prompted communications with SVG officials.

Thank you for your time, and help in resolving this matter.

Kim White
Kim R. White, S/V Gabrielle
Caribbean Safety and Security Net
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