CSSN News – March 27, 2023 – A second armed boarding/assault in Las Perlas, Panama


Preparing to transit the Panama canal eastbound, a cruising monohull with 4 persons onboard anchored in Las Perlas at about 1100HRS. No other boats were nearby. Just after dark at about 1930HRS four young Spanish speaking men armed with guns and machetes boarded from a quiet (paddled) but motorized panga. One crew member took the handheld VHF and locked themselves into the head, and activated DSC. The door was immediately broken down, the radio silenced and taken from the crew. One crew member was hit over the head and back with a pistol and all were made to lie on the floor at gunpoint while the yacht was aggressively ransacked. Much damage was done to the yachts interior cabinets, doors, and drawers. The cables to the radios and autopilot display were cut.

The thieves were onboard for approximately 1.5 hours and stole cash, wallets, electronics, phones, jewelry, foul weather gear, lifejackets, clothing, alcohol and fuel jugs containing gasoline. A full inventory has not been completed.

The dog was missing and presumed to have been pushed overboard or taken. After searching unsuccessfully for the dog for about 20 minutes and confirming the yacht was safely operable, they departed for Panama City. On arrival a crew member was taken for medical care and a report was made to Aeronaval. No forensics were taken at that time.

The US consulate was advised of this event and a full report is planned.

This is the second cruising yacht boarded/assaulted in Las Perlas recently. See the prior incident here.

CSSN News – February 27, 2023 – Union Island, SVG – Hazard to navigation


CSSN News   CSSN News – February 27, 2023 – Union Island, SVG – Hazard                                                                        to navigation

A yacht owner has reported that things did not go as planned during their arrival to Clifton Harbor, Union Island, SVG. While their monohull was being guided to a mooring by a local boat their prop became entangled in a large floating rope from what was later found to be a disused mooring. The yacht’s engine stopped. Several local boats helped the yacht avoid collision with a nearby boat, and cut away the entangled 2 inch rope. Eventually the yacht was safely secured to a mooring. The captain negotiated and agreed a large a payment that was shared with much debate among the aggressive local helpers.

The next day the captain witnessed 2 other boats being guided over the same rope, and yelled a warning to the captains. The hazard was avoided. The original captain decided to attach a coke bottle to better mark the hazard.

A third boat was guided toward the rope/coke bottle, even though it appeared that the boat boy had seen it. Again the captain made the latest arrival aware of the hazard, and it was avoided.

Please be aware that marked/unmarked hazards may exist in the Clifton harbor mooring field and be certain to carefully observe your approach even as helpers/boat boys guide you to a mooring.

CSSN News – February 25, 2023 – ALERTS 2889/2991 UPDATED/REMOVED

CSSN News     CSSN has agreed to a request by the victims to REMOVE their submitted firsthand report (never published), and as a consequence our previously published PRELIMINARY 2nd hand report CSSN ALERT!  2991, Robbery -West End Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras.

CSSN ALERT!  2889, Theft (same location) has been UPDATED to correct details (date, police report made) and newly reflect its firsthand status. Originally, these 2 secondhand reports were not known to be related.

Because of the serious nature of some reports, an overriding concern for the immediate safety of the cruising community may at times necessitate PRELIMINARY reports. We strive to make our reports as complete, accurate and timely as possible, and can only do so with the help of victims and the community. The all volunteer CSSN team appreciates the patience and understanding of the cruising community as incidents are submitted and then vetted/finalized.

CSSN wants to remind everyone of the importance of timely firsthand reports, and also thank those who made good faith secondhand reports. We have made reporting easy, with a quick/easy online form. Every report we receive is acknowledged (usually by email). If you are a victim, make a timely report. If you encounter a victim, encourage and support a firsthand report – we have a shared responsibility to keep our community well informed.

CSSN News – February 13, 2023 – Armed boarding in Las Perlas, Panama


While CSSN does not include Pacific anchorages in our database reporting, a recent event In Las Perlas has come to our attention. This is a common first stop for yachts that are west bound after transiting the Panama Canal.

A yacht anchored alone off Isla del Rey on Isla de Espiritu Santo was boarded by 3 men armed with guns at about 2000HRS, on February 9, 2023. The crew was made to lie face down in the cockpit with guns to their heads while the yacht was thoroughly ransacked, and everything stolen. The radio was disabled before they departed. There were no physical injuries. The yacht sought assistance from another yacht the next morning and both departed the area. 

UPDATE: A police report was made, and consular officials were notified






CSSN News – Burglaries in Bequia, SVG


CSSN News     CSSN NEWS – November 28, 2022 – multiple burglaries in Bequia, SVG

CSSN has received information that 3 additional burglaries have occurred in Bequia,  and they follow the report (2914) of same made earlier this month.  Burglary represents an escalation on common theft, with criminals’ arriving at locked yachts while crew are away, prepared  to break and enter with tools.  CSSN has just confirmed the details of the earlier incident with the victim (our initial report was secondhand), and updated the information it contained.

It has not been confirmed but it is believed the SVG Coast Guard has agreed  to perform patrols starting Friday, December 2nd.

If you are a victim, please take 5 minutes to complete the CSSN online incident report, it’s quick, confidential and keeps our cruising community fully and factually  informed.

UPDATE: CSSN has received and published an additional report of Burglary, see the details here. 


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