CSSN News item – Armed robbery – Bonaire



CSSN News item – Armed robbery – Bonaire

CSSN does not generally include crimes committed against cruisers ashore in our database, but in some cases we do publish a NEWs item. A cruising couple visiting Bonaire provided the following firsthand report.

In the very early hours of February 7, 2016, as they were returning to the Harbour Village Marina where their boat was berthed, a cruising couple was robbed at gunpoint. They were walking along the northern portion of the waterfront “playa” road when two men yelled and approached. One held a gun and pointed it at the man, then demanded the woman drop her handbag to the ground, which she did. They backed away and the thieves grabbed the handbag (containing charge cards/cellphone). The couple was allowed to depart unharmed. A few minutes later they reached the marina and a call was made to the police, who are investigating. The victims suggest that walking in a group might have prevented this armed robbery.

DATE: 2016-09-01 Country Name: Bonaire Location Detail: El Navegante Boat Yard EVENT: Burglary


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CSSN First Hand Report
CSSN First Hand Report

DATE: 2016-09-01
Country Name: Bonaire
Location Detail: El Navegante Boat Yard
EVENT: Burglary
Stolen Items: 32″ flat screen TV, an external hard drive, microwave oven, handheld VHF, RAM mike, Radar/GPS, 2 pairs of marine binoculars, toolbox and full set of tools, voltmeter, fire extinguishers, folding police knife, clothing, decorative pillows, dive bag, dive lights and masks, fins and snorkels, flashlights, clocks, and rum.
DETAILS: A yacht was stored in the boatyard (locked) for a year. Around September 1st, the boat yard manager informed the owners by email that there had been a break-in on their boat. The thieves may have come from the water side since the road-side gate is usually locked. It probably required several trips to gather/remove all the items. A police report was made.

Dinghy found adrift near Bonaire


CSSN News about dinghy near Bonaire

A dinghy has been found adrift near Bonaire. If you, or someone you know has lost their dinghy, please email safetyandsecuritynet@gmail.com with identifying details.

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