Chris Parker Announces New Schedule for SSB Voice Nets & Simultaneous Internet Webcasts

This just in from Chris Parker:

“New schedule for SSB Voice Nets & simultaneous Internet Webcasts,
October 31 2015, the US undergoes its semiannual time change ritual, so beginning Monday, November 2, there will be a few minor changes to timing of SSB Voice Nets:
Chris Parker logoPlease visit the following link to download pdf files with the schedule and map:

In plain text, here’s the scoop:

E Caribbean & offshore vessels S of 30N moving toward E Caribbean: 7:00am AST (6am EST / 1100 utc) on 4.045 USB & 8.137 USB.
Bahamas, Florida, and other areas within 200mi of Florida: 6:30am EST (1130 utc) on 4.045 USB & 8.137 USB.
US E Coast & offshore vessels N of 30N (Georgia & SouthCarolina may do better on Bahamas/Florida Net): 7:30am EST (1230 utc / 8:30am AST) on 8.137 USB & 12.350 USB.
Caribbean W of 72W into E Pacific: 1330 utc (9:30am AST / 8:30am EST) on 8.137 USB & 12.350 USB.
After traffic is finished on the W Caribbean Net, I’ll make a final sweep to the ESE / E / NE from Florida to pick-up any traffic missed earlier in the morning.

Any Subscribing Vessel to our SSB Voice Nets is welcome to participate in our new evening Net at 2200 utc (5pm EST / 6pm AST). However, the protocol will be different for this Net, since it’s not targeted at any specific group of Islands as are our morning Nets.

Sometime between 2145 utc – 2200 utc, on either 8.137 USB or 12.350 USB, please say your vessel name & approximate location (name an Island you’re close to, or Lat/Lon rounded to the nearest degree). When I hear you, I will acknowledge you, and let you know I have you on the list for traffic. If I do not acknowledge you, then I don’t hear you, so try the other channel or ask for someone to relay your vessel name & location.

At about 2200 utc I’ll start working vessels on my list, grouped logically, and with my antennas pointed in your direction.

One bit of confusion for the first 2 weeks of November is I’ll have to handle Salty Dawg vessels on 8.152 USB & 12.350 USB for maybe 30 minutes beginning at 2200 utc…but as soon as I’m done with them, I’ll begin working my list of Subscribing Vessels on the traffic list on 8.137 USB & 12.350 USB.

FOR NOW, all the above schedule remains 6 days/week (Daily except Sundays).”