CSSN News April 28, 2018 – SSCA Trans-Atlantic HF Net is operational


CSSN is proud to announce that our longtime partner the Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA) has added to their sponsorship of HF nets for the cruising community. The daily “KPK” net on 8104 kHz at 0815 Atlantic Standard Time, managed by Glenn Tuttle, continues to provide much appreciated assistance to the cruising community in the Caribbean, the Bahamas and along the US coast with the assistance of land station KJM.

CSSN is Proud to partner with SSCA and KPK (SSB 8104 12:15 Daily)

They have added an evening Trans-Atlantic Cruisers HF net, frequency 12350 kHz, to support those yachts making transatlantic passages. This valuable resource operates at 2130 UTC (1730 Eastern Daylight Time). Four US based FCC Coastal Maritime Stations support this effort.

The net controllers are:
Chris Parker, Coastal license WCY, Lakeland, FL;
Dick Giddings, Coastal license KNC, Dover, NC;
Jim West, Coastal license KJM, Ellijay, GA;
Glenn Tuttle, Coastal license KPK, Punta Gorda, FL (Net Manager)

The purpose of this new net (and the daily “KPK” net) is to pass emergency and priority traffic as well as traffic related to safety and security but focused on vessels making long ocean passages.

This net can assist with radio checks, float plans, telephone contact with family & friends, boat to boat relays, access to medical or mechanical professionals, Internet searches, or any other assistance that they can provide.

They have coordinated their efforts with the afternoon Doo Dah Net, managed by Dick Giddings, to include check-ins for the Trans-Atlantic Cruisers Net. The Doo Dah Net is considered a follow-up net to the Cruiseheimers morning Net, passing traffic to cruisers from family members, and taking position reports from vessels on passage and recently arrived.

The Doo Dah Net begins daily at 2100 UTC (1700 Eastern Daylight Time) on 8152 kHz. The Doo Dah Net will continue the same way it has always been run by with the exception of now welcoming any vessel wishing to check into the Trans-Atlantic Cruisers’ Net. Any vessel needing specialized help, like a phone patch, internet search, etc., can be taken to 8104 kHz to allow the Doo Dah Net to continue uninterrupted.

At approximately 2130 UTC (1730 Eastern Daylight Time), or upon the conclusion of the Doo Dah Net, the Trans-Atlantic Cruisers Net will become operational on 12350 kHz. The net controller(s) will monitor this frequency until approximately 2200 UTC (1800 Eastern Daylight Time) when Chris Parker, WCY comes on with his regularly scheduled weather broadcast.

All involved collectively anticipate that this new net will serve the needs of the cruising community more effectively. As before, all vessels are welcome to utilize these nets and relays are always welcomed.

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