CSSN News – February 22, 2019 – GPS date rollover WARNING


The US Department of Homeland security has recently issued a warning about potential problems, primarily with older GPS and navigation products.

On and after April 6, 2019 some devices may not function properly. There is no list of those that will work properly, and those that will not. Users need to be aware of this potential problem, particularly if they have an older device and plan to be underway during this time frame.

CSSN contacted Garmin support and received this prompt response:
“Our devices that were produced after 1998 should not be affected. And if they end up being affected then we will address the issues as they appear. But again, the rollover should not affect our devices after 1998.”

It is not possible to pretest for this potential error, users would be wise to complete a test on this date or before using their devices after April 6, 2019.

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