CSSN News – February 27, 2023 – Union Island, SVG – Hazard to navigation


CSSN News   CSSN News – February 27, 2023 – Union Island, SVG – Hazard                                                                        to navigation

A yacht owner has reported that things did not go as planned during their arrival to Clifton Harbor, Union Island, SVG. While their monohull was being guided to a mooring by a local boat their prop became entangled in a large floating rope from what was later found to be a disused mooring. The yacht’s engine stopped. Several local boats helped the yacht avoid collision with a nearby boat, and cut away the entangled 2 inch rope. Eventually the yacht was safely secured to a mooring. The captain negotiated and agreed a large a payment that was shared with much debate among the aggressive local helpers.

The next day the captain witnessed 2 other boats being guided over the same rope, and yelled a warning to the captains. The hazard was avoided. The original captain decided to attach a coke bottle to better mark the hazard.

A third boat was guided toward the rope/coke bottle, even though it appeared that the boat boy had seen it. Again the captain made the latest arrival aware of the hazard, and it was avoided.

Please be aware that marked/unmarked hazards may exist in the Clifton harbor mooring field and be certain to carefully observe your approach even as helpers/boat boys guide you to a mooring.