CSSN NEWS item – Multiple piracy events off Honduras – January 26, 2017


The Caribbean Safety and Security Net (CSSN) has received a firsthand report from the second yacht boarded by pirates near Gorda Cay on 1/19/2017. Review the complete and fully updated report HERE.

There have been 3 reports of piracy off Honduras in the last week, two (includes the one above) in the Gorda Bank area, and one off the north coast near Puerto Cortes. A 4th incidence of piracy occurred in the disputed waters near Media Luna Cays in late December, 2016.

CSSN advises a high level of caution and careful planning if you are traveling in any of these areas, near shore and offshore Honduras or Nicaragua.

Review each of the 3 previous recent firsthand reports here:




Some circumstances, while not likely the pirates themselves, are common in these reports. Weapons ranged from steel bars and knives to automatic weapons. Locations varied from relatively near shore to well offshore. The number of pirates varied from 8-30, in single or multiple approaches involving from 1 to 4 pangas. Crews complied with most instructions from the leaders of these groups, and attempted to limit the number of pirates allowed below, with limited success. None of the yachts stopped, and no serious injuries were reported. Well hidden backup communication and navigation devices proved helpful to some crews.

A well thought out response plan that is discussed beforehand and understood by all members of the crew is essential in these tense and difficult circumstances. It’s easy to subscribe to (free) CSSN ALERTS! or follow us on social media to receive all future CSSN News and Incident Reports. All in the spirit of Know Before You Go!

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