CSSN News Item November 27, 2017 Announcing the New Regional Piracy Interactive Infographics and Updated Precautions


November 27, 2017, CSSN announces an exciting new feature – Regional Piracy Infographics, and new Piracy Passage Precautions checklists, also customized by region.

Regional Piracy Interactive Infographics

Piracy has taken on a variety of forms in the Caribbean in recent years. Our all-volunteer team has been busy and we are proud to announce an important and exciting new feature on our website to help cruisers easily understand these piracy events.  Regional Piracy Interactive Infographics utilize Google maps with an easy to use ZOOM-TAP interface, and of course, can be accessed from your desktops, laptops,  and mobile devices.

Trinidad/Grenada passage ZOOM-TAP
Central American passage ZOOM-TAP


Infographics are interactive.



CSSN has created 2 interactive piracy Infographics, one for the Trinidad/Grenada passage (5 events, the latest in 1Q2017) and a second, for the much larger area – the Central American region from Rio Dulce, Guatemala, to the Bay Islands of Honduras and the entire Honduran Coast including the disputed waters off the Honduras/Nicaragua border and southward including the Nicaraguan Coast. (11 events, the most recent in 4Q2017).

CSSN Precaution Resources

The General Security Precautions for Cruisers list continues to provide information for use while at anchor/moored, in marinas, boatyards and while ashore.

Appropriate passage planning and the ability of officials to respond in each area vary greatly, so 2 different sets of passage precautions are now provided, with some overlap of common best practices.

The Piracy Passage Precautions are for use while underway in known problem areas are now customized by regionPiracy Passage Precautions – Trinidad/Grenada and Piracy Passage Precautions – Central America. 

Take a look. ZOOM-TAP so you can  Know Before You Go!

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