CSSN News – June 2, 2019 Problems in Grenada


CSSN News – June 2, 2019 Problems in Grenada

CSSN recently reported 2 events in Grenada, a theft of an unlocked dinghy/outboard while the owner was onboard, and the burglary of an unoccupied yacht. Both reports have now been updated.

It has become clear that these reports were just the tip of an iceberg, and that approximately 10+ yachts have been burglarized/vandalized in a similar manner in the southern bays of Grenada in the last month or so. Stakeholders when asked, reluctantly confirmed the overall number but were unable to provide much detail. Certainly, some of the victimized boats were unoccupied (absentee owners) and some under guardianage.

Significant damage beyond gaining entry to the locked yachts, including inflation and slashing of a life raft occurred. The extent of stolen items is undetermined. An “emergency” meeting with the Coast Guard was expected to be scheduled, in the next 4-5 days.

FACTS MATTER. Failure to make reports to CSSN about this growing, escalating known problem (or any problem in any anchorage) in a timely way unnecessarily exposes others to this risk. Reporting to CSSN and to local officials keeps everyone informed of the facts, and ultimately, all of our community safer. Anyone with knowledge about an event can make a report, and it’s easy with CSSN online incident reporting.

CSSN NOTE: If you were a victim, or have specific knowledge or details about any of these events, please contact CSSN. Our community depends on reports. Your privacy is assured.


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