CSSN News- May 11, 2023 – UPDATE: Mooring issues in Clifton Harbour, SVG



Recently CSSN published a report of vandalism against a visiting yacht who reported their mooring line had been cut overnight. The report can be read here.

CSSN has been in contact with Lesroy Noel, the Tobago Cays Marine Park (TCMP) Manager, who is responsible for the moorings in Clifton harbour. He helpfully explained the system that has been put in place for visiting yachts and we are glad to share that information here, anticipating that informing cruisers prior to arrival and setting the right expectations will improve communications and user satisfaction.

Currently the TCMP is the only authorized provider of temporary/overnight moorings in Clifton harbor. Their 19 moorings are all marked by plain white balls. Six authorized assistants (“boatboys”) have been selected and authorized to act as agents for TCMP and each of them has personalized boat cards that identify them by name and include the TCMP logo. Captains can choose any available assistant, any open mooring and utilize these assistants in getting tied up if they desire. Anchoring is also an option, and is free.

The fee for TCMP mooring usage is $60ECD for 24 hours. Actual payment for a TCMP mooring should only be made to a uniformed TCMP ranger who will visit the yacht and also collect the card. $20ECD of each $60ECD daily fee is then paid by TCMP to the assistant specified on the collected card. The TCMP welcomes feedback from users about their moorings and the performance of their authorized assistants. You can visit the TCMP office ashore M-F from 8-4, they also collect cards and accept payment.

At times, private moorings in the anchorage may be available and offered on a freelance basis by the designated assistants, or others. No oversight or control over this sort of entrepreneurial activity is provided by TCMP, and none of any fees paid remits to TCMP.