CSSN News – September 23, 2018 – A Summary of recent problems and actions taken in Trinidad

Chaguaramas, Trinidad

During September there have been 9 incidents reported in Trinidad, all occurring in the TTSA mooring field/anchorage. The first report, September 4, 2018, involved an occupied yacht and the thieves needed only a knife to cut the dinghy from the davits. The dinghy/outboard was recovered when the thieves abandoned it after being discovered by the victim. Reports were made to TTSA, Police and Coast Guard.

A little less than two weeks later, on September 15, 2018, 7 unoccupied yachts were burgled overnight. The thieves were well prepared and defeated locks/cables and entered the affected yachts, and targeted dinghies, outboards and tools. The security team at TTSA discovered the overnight burglaries the following morning. TTSA management informed the affected owners (all local) and immediately instituted a nighttime watch, now having 24HR coverage and the use of a tender. The next night, September 16, 2018, another dinghy/outboard was stolen, also from an unoccupied yacht. The TTSA security team became aware of the theft while it was in progress but were unable to intercept the bigger/faster boat used by the thieves. A cruiser who also saw the activity was able to contact the TTCG, and provided a description of the open fishing boat used by the thieves.

Police reports were made for all of these thefts, and a crime scene team visited to collect evidence. A police investigation is in progress.

TTSA, YSATT, and TTCG are working together to increase and improve patrols, and to streamline communications in the case of any further activity. Other marinas in the area have been informed and have taken appropriate measures.

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