DATE: 2017-04-25 15:00 Country Name: SVG Location Detail: Union Clifton Harbor EVENT: Theft


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CSSN First Hand Report
CSSN First Hand Report

DATE: 2017-04-25 15:00
Country Name: SVG
Location Detail: Union Clifton Harbour
EVENT: Theft
Stolen Items: 55ft sailing yacht- monohull
DETAILS: In late April 2017 between the daylight hours of 1400 and 1715, a 55 ft. monohull sailing yacht moored in Clifton Harbour was stolen. The owner and crew were nearby but did not witness the actual theft. They notified SVG authorities (marine park, police and coast guard) and the owner began a localized search by boat which carried on into the darkness, but without result.

Early the next morning the SVG police insisted on further reports and after 3-4 hours of doing such the owner hired a pilot and personally conducted an aerial search. The boat was located at Diamond Island, a small rock islet between Grenada and Carriacou. An open boat was seen rapidly leaving the scene to the south. Grenada Coast Guard was notified but took no immediate action. The pilot returned the owner to Union and he travelled by local boat to Carriacou where he contracted with another local boat to inspect and retrieve the yacht which had been damaged, arriving at the foundering yacht by early afternoon.

The thieves had damaged a hatch breaking into the yacht and stole many things including an outboard, dive gear, life jackets, fuel jugs, fenders, handheld VHF, etc. The yacht sustained significant damage to its rudder and hull having been left to ground. After emergency repairs and pumping the water out, the owner took the yacht to Carriacou under escort and after additional inspections and temporary repairs to Grenada for haulout and repairs , which have recently been completed.

Neither the SVG officials (where the yacht was stolen) nor the Grenada officials (where the yacht was found) took any evidence from the scene and after many months, and many requests, no SVG police report has been made available to the victim.

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