DATE: 2019-01-13 21:30 Country Name: Panama Location Detail: Portobello EVENT: Assault


CSSN Update!

CSSN UPDATE 02/02/2019 : This report has been updated to reflect its new firsthand status. Additionally, the victims reported this incident shortly after it occurred to their consular officials in Panama. They have had followup contact with the police in Panama. However, there have been no results in the investigation – no arrests or any recovery of the stolen items. Police did visit the yacht, but did not collect any forensic evidence.

CSSN First Hand Report
CSSN First Hand Report

DATE: 2019-01-13 21:30
Country Name: Panama
Location Detail: Portobello
EVENT: Assault
Stolen Items: Currency, personal electronics
SECURED: Unknown
DETAILS: A private yacht with 3 of 7 crew onboard was approached by 6 men armed with handguns, using the pretence of selling water at 2130 HRS. They boarded aggressively and hit one crew member in the head with a gun and then spent considerable time ransacking the boat, terrorizing the crew that was made to lay on the floor all the while the armed boarders repeatedly yelled “cocaine, cocaine”. Cash, phones, computers and electronics were taken. Jewelry was left behind, no drugs were (found) onboard.

Coincidentally, the yachts tender, with the 4 remaining crew returned to the boat, which hastened the thieves’ departure without making further direct contact. A full police report was made, to local police and Aeronaval.

CSSN NOTE: Attempts to board other yachts in the anchorage were made this same night most likely by this same group of armed thieves. One later boarding was only deterred when the owner’s large dog made its presence known on deck. (See next report) Details of some other attempts/boardings are incomplete. If you were a victim, of a boarding or attempted boarding, PLEASE contact CSSN and complete an online incident report.