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Report Incident to Caribbean Safety and Security Net
Report Incidents to the Caribbean Safety and Security Net

Use the links above to access incident data for specific areas – use the sort tool to view individual islands, anchorages, event types and dates. This data is now updated in near real time; help your fellow cruisers by making reports.

These incident report listings are intended to provide easy access to the most current and historic data about security events. Certainly not all events are reported and this is where every cruiser can do their part for the larger cruising community – by making a report

If you are a victim, and by encouraging others to do so as well. CSSN is the ONLY dedicated resource of its type, and is available to everyone. All names are kept confidential. If you re-publish or utilize this information in a public forum, please credit CSSN as a source, including our website address

CSSN has always encouraged victims to report events to the local authorities, even though it may take some time and not provide an obvious or immediate benefit. If you don’t report it to authorities, for all practical purposes, it did not happen – and may happen again to someone else.

Those who are new to the region, or those returning to an area after an absence can understand what has been happening if we all contribute to and use this tool wisely.

Review the incidents for a location before you go. The locus and nature of crimes shift continually, so stay informed.