2443 – 2020-01-27 – Saint Lucia – Rodney Bay – Pigeon Island – Theft


CSSN Report
CSSN First Hand Report

DATE: 2020-01-27 02:05
LOCATION: Saint Lucia – Rodney Bay – Pigeon Island
EVENT: Theft
STOLEN ITEMS: Dinghy: 13 foot center console, inflatable AB aluminium bottom. All white with gray stripes, 40hp outboard motor with large tow bar off the stern.
UPDATE: February 9, 2020 – dinghy recovered, (damaged) minus 40HP outboard

The victims have updated their initial report, and asked that we hold publishing our update until they had departed St. Lucia. CSSN of course honored this request.

The stolen (but now damaged) dinghy had been reported found (minus the outboard) by another cruiser to the police early on the morning it had been stolen, and 2 hrs. before the victims made their report. Police failed to connect the 2 reports within their small office, and coordination with other policing agencies was nonexistent. While they were transiting the anchorage 2 days later, the victims found the dinghy in the care of the cruiser who had made the “found dinghy” police report.

The victims were able to “flag down” a passing marine police boat, and made another complete report to them (the marine police claimed they were previously unaware of this incident). Despite requests from the victims no forensics, no investigation or any follow-up was conducted by any of the policing agencies. The victims departed St. Lucia.

DETAILS: A yacht anchored for 2 days near Sandals in Rodney Bay had its in-the-water and chain locked 13ft. center console RIB /40HP outboard stolen overnight. The yachts video surveillance recorded the theft. A police report was made the next morning and the video provided to authorities, who indicated they planned a visit to the yacht later that day before completing their report. As of 5PM no visit had been made. An announcement was made on local VHF and a local search was completed by the owners, but without result.

While making the report, another victim of dinghy theft appeared in the office. If you are that victim, or know them, please encourage a CSSN report.
ID: 2443