2501 – 2020-06-01 – Dominican Republic – Luperon – Theft


CSSN Report
CSSN First Hand Report

DATE: 2020-06-01 11:30
LOCATION: Dominican Republic – Luperon
EVENT: Theft
STOLEN ITEMS: Cash, jewelry and a  credit card
SECURED: Not Locked
DETAILS: During daylight hours between 10:15 and 11:30 AM an unlocked cruising catamaran on a private 2 yacht floating dock along the mangroves south of the Puerto Blanco marina was boarded and ransacked. The thief used a knife found on the yacht to defeat the locked safe and stole cash, jewelry and a credit card. Wet footprints were found throughout the yacht. A report was made to the police, port captain and coast guard as well as the tourism representative. The police visited the yacht and collected some forensics a few days later and currently have some suspects in custody.

CSSN NOTE: This is the 7th boarding/incident in this bay in the last 6 months. We will update this report as additional information about successful prosecution is provided by the victims.
ID: 2501

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