2577 – 2021-02-03 – Grenada – Carriacou – Hillsborough – Attempted Theft


CSSN Report
CSSN First Hand Report

DATE: 2021-02-03 04:30
LOCATION: Grenada – Carriacou – Hillsborough
EVENT: Attempted Theft
STOLEN ITEMS: Bombard Tropic 10FT dinghy / 5HP 2S Mercury outboard
DETAILS: Owner locked his dinghy ashore overnight in Hillsborough opposite the dive shop, waiting for the sealant to dry mending a leaky bottom.  Earlier during the day, someone had emptied the tank in the outboard, not even by siphoning but turning (and leaving) the outboard upside down hanging in lock and wire. The outboard was then moved to a car repair shop for safekeeping during the night. In the morning, the attachment for the wire on the dinghy had been cut and the dinghy dragged some ten-fifteen meters onto the road only to be abandoned.

The owner believes it was too heavy for one man to get any further or someone perhaps caught the culprit in the act. Only 100 meters from the police station this was on the busiest street in Hillsborough, though curfew leaves it empty at dark. The dinghy was seen at 10PM and discovered on the street at 7AM.
ID: 2577

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