2619 – 2021-03-25 – Grenada – Grenada – Hog Island – Theft


CSSN Report
CSSN First Hand Report

DATE: 2021-03-25 01:00
LOCATION: Grenada – Grenada – Hog Island
EVENT: Theft
STOLEN ITEMS: 8HP Yamaha outboard , and a fuel line
SECURED: Not Locked
DETAILS: Overnight a yacht anchored near Hog Island was visited by thieves. Unable to steal the in the water and locked to the yacht dingy, or the locked to the dinghy engine and fuel tank, the thieves stole the fuel line. Then the thieves boarded the yacht and stole an 8HP engine (not locked) from the stern rail, all while the owners slept below.

A police report was made, and an active investigation is in progress. It is believed the dinghy stolen from the Woburn dock the same night (see incident 2617) was used in this incident, and in at least 2 other outboard thefts (see incidents 2616, 2618).
ID: 2619

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