2721 – 2021-12-01 – Martinique (France) – St. Pierre – Burglary


CSSN Report
CSSN First Hand Report

DATE: 2021-12-01 09:30
LOCATION: Martinique (France) – St. Pierre
EVENT: Burglary
STOLEN ITEMS: electronics – VHF and remote autopilot controller, a variety of safety gear including automatic lifejackets, horseshoe buoy, IOR pole, first aid kit, diving gear including BCD and regulator, a variety of tools and also the stored mainsail and other rigging gear.
DETAILS: A yacht moored and minded in St. Pierre was burgled, the owner discovered the break-in on his return. The thief broke the locking mechanism and entered though a deck hatch and carefully concealed the damage on departure. Much was stolen, and the the thief used some of the yachts travel bags to carry away some of the gear. Stolen were electronics, a mainsail, rigging pieces, dive gear, many tools and a variety of safety gear.
A police report is planned.
ID: 2721