2727 – 2021-12-10 – United States Virgin Islands (US) – St. Thomas – Charlotte Amalie – Theft


CSSN Report
CSSN First Hand Report

DATE: 2021-12-10 14:30
LOCATION: United States Virgin Islands (US) – St. Thomas – Charlotte Amalie
EVENT: Theft
STOLEN ITEMS: Fire extinguisher, dinghy tool kit, dinghy repair kit, bath towels, dinghy inflation pump, dive tank fill card, spare keys, air horn, two bottles of Yamaha ring free additive
SECURED: Not Locked
DETAILS: Owners locked their dinghy at the waterfront dock by the Coast Guard Station in downtown Charlotte Amalie at 1330 HRS. When they returned to this heavily trafficked area an hour later the dinghy had been rifled, and life jackets which were stored in the locker of the bench seat we’re on the dinghy floor and the bench seat locker was unlatched. The enclosed fuel tank locker was also unlatched. The fire extinguisher, other dinghy items as well as some personal items were taken. Two anchors, the battery, and the fuel tank were untouched.

A police report was made, the police categorized the theft as larceny and indicated no investigation would be done due to a lack of locked compartments.
ID: 2727