2775 – 2022-03-18 – Honduras – Offshore03 – Piracy


CSSN Report
CSSN First Hand Report

DATE: 2022-03-18 10:00
LOCATION: Honduras – Offshore03
EVENT: Piracy
STOLEN ITEMS: cash, binoculars, handheld VHF, old laptop, alcohol and sunglasses
SECURED: Not Locked
DETAILS: A yacht with 2 persons on board was transiting from San Andres, Colombia to Roatan, Honduras and passed through a fleet of about 10 small fishing boats, near position 15-16N, 082-50W, 25 miles off the Honduran coast and west of the Media Luna reef. A short time later at about 1000HRS, they were approached by a single open boat with 6 men onboard, and 5 men boarded. No weapons were displayed and they were told in Spanish “no guns, no calls, no problem”. The pirates were a mix of young and old, some aggressive, some apparently drunk.

The pirates demanded cash. The crew continued to execute their previously agreed piracy plan and complied quickly and willingly, and the pirates were satisfied with the readily available (sacrificial) stash of cash, an old laptop, and a few other items (handheld VHF, binoculars, sunglasses, alcohol) .

The 5 men returned to their launcha after about 30 minutes onboard and departed eastward. The yacht continued on to Roatan without further incident.
ID: 2775