2785 – 2022-04-19 – Panama – Linton Bay Marina – Assault


CSSN Report
CSSN First Hand Report

DATE: 2022-04-19 22:00
LOCATION: Panama – Linton Bay Marina
EVENT: Assault
DETAILS: The owner/captain of a cruising yacht docked for one night at the Linton Bay Marina, and was ashore having dinner at the restaurant when it began to rain at about 2200HRS. He returned to his boat to close the hatches and was overtaken by 4-5 men who were lying-in-wait in darkness inside. They had already searched the boat, and immediately wrestled him to the floor, and then held an automatic weapon to his head and began to demand “the drugs” they believed he had brought from the San Blas. Once a phone camera was shined in his face a third party seemed to conclude he was the wrong person.

The captain sustained minor injuries and was warned to remain quiet and on the floor. The men departed after about 15 minutes in their small launcha that was tied alongside. Nothing was stolen. After some time the captain returned to the restaurant and reported the incident.

Reports were made to the Linton Bay Marina management, the Navy/Coast Guard (Aeronaval) and the police. The victim was told the only security cameras at the marina were pointed at the restaurant and not the dock.
ID: 2785