2812 – 2022-05-26 – Saint Martin (France) – Lagoon – Witch’s Tit – Theft


CSSN Report
CSSN First Hand Report

DATE: 2022-05-26 03:00
LOCATION: Saint Martin (France) – Lagoon – Witch’s Tit
EVENT: Theft
STOLEN ITEMS: B&G chart plotter display
SECURED: Not Listed
DETAILS: Owners returned to their catamaran that was moored near Witches Tit between 21-27 May. They found dark shoe prints onboard, leading directly to a missing chart plotter on the starboard helm. The yacht was well locked and the video security system captured the theft. The thief seemed to be aware of the video surveillance and made no attempt to enter the well locked yacht and left other valuable items behind, including the portside instruments and chart plotter.

A police report was made, and the officials indicated that they would visit the yacht, review the video and collect forensics later in the week.
ID: 2812