2919 – 2022-11-24 – Martinique (France) – St. Anne – Vandalism


CSSN Report
CSSN First Hand Report

DATE: 2022-11-24 09:00
LOCATION: Martinique (France) – St. Anne
EVENT: Vandalism
DETAILS: Utilizing their guidebook information, owners locked their dinghy to the Caritan, St. Anne dinghy dock at 0830HRS. When they returned from the nearby laundry at 0950HRS they found the dinghy had been vandalized. The bowline had been untied, (lock remained in place) the throttle handle had been broken off and the dinghy had been filled with garbage including metal grates, conch shells, fenders and antifreeze bottles.

CSSN NOTE: This is the 4th report of vandalism at this dock in 2022, and thefts of dinghies in the nearby anchorage add another 5 incidents, making this anchorage/dinghy dock the most active for the region in 2022.
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ID: 2919