2935 – 2022-09-22 – Martinique (France) – Le Marin – anchorage – Burglary


CSSN Report
CSSN First Hand Report

DATE: 2022-09-22 03:01
LOCATION: Martinique (France) – Le Marin – anchorage
EVENT: Burglary
STOLEN ITEMS: fridge system Frigiboat Capri 50, Rocna Anchor 20 kg, Blue/white genoa halyard main sheet plus all pulleys and blocks , Dulce Gusto coffee machine, flashlights, snorkeling equipment
DETAILS: An unoccupied yacht anchored in Le Marin, Martinique, was burglarized for the second time (see prior incident 2835) while the owner was away. The minder discovered that a locked hatch had been compromised. The burglar came well prepared with tools and removed a refrigeration compressor, an installed halyard and additional sheets, blocks and pulleys, a 20kg Rocna anchor, coffee machine, flashlights and snorkeling gear. The minder moved aboard the boat, there were no further problems.

The victim did not make a second police report.

ID: 2935