2954 – 2023-01-09 – Antigua and Barbuda – Antigua – Carlisle Bay – Attempted Theft


CSSN Report
CSSN First Hand Report

DATE: 2023-01-09 17:00
LOCATION: Antigua and Barbuda – Antigua – Carlisle Bay
EVENT: Attempted Theft
STOLEN ITEMS: unsuccessful – attempted theft of dry bag with cash and phones
SECURED: Does not apply
DETAILS: A cruising couple anchored in Carlisle Bay and took the dinghy ashore and beached it on the side of the resort. They visited the public beach and afterwards were briefly questioned by the resort security guard. A young man in school uniform approached and asked them for “help” to use their phone or a ride to his mother on the other side of the bay. They agreed to a ride and when they were close to the shore the young man grabbed their dry bag and tried to escape, but was thwarted when the shocked cruiser pushed him into the water and retook the dry bag. The youth threatened to shoot them, but apparently had no gun and ran off and joined several other youths on the beach. The cruisers returned immediately to their yacht and witnessed other cruisers being targeted (as opposed to resort guests).  They departed the next morning.
ID: 2954