2974 – 2023-02-06 – Saint Lucia – Pitons – Vandalism


DATE: 2023-02-06 15:00

CSSN Report
CSSN First Hand Report


LOCATION: Saint Lucia – Pitons
EVENT: Vandalism
STOLEN ITEMS: boat hook destroyed
DETAILS: A cruising yacht approached the SMMA moorings between the Pitons intending to practice mooring pickup and self-moor. They were intercepted by aggressive boat boys who demanded excessive payment for unwanted services, which were declined. When the yacht attempted to pickup the mooring their boat hook became entangled in the lines which had been tied off underwater. The boat boys immediately retrieved the boat hook and then maliciously bent it, making it unusable. The boat boys were paid a fee in excess of the customary $20ECD recommended by the SMMA park rangers, and they hung at the boat in a menacing manner demanding additional payment for sometime before departing.
ID: 2974