2976 – 2023-02-07 – Saint Martin (France) – Marigot Bay – Assault


CSSN Report
CSSN Second Hand Report

DATE: 2023-02-07 00:30
LOCATION: Saint Martin (France) – Marigot Bay
EVENT: Assault
STOLEN ITEMS: phones and electronics

A yacht was boarded by 3 men armed with guns armed at 0030HRS. The family was robbed of phones and electronics. The captain was pistol whipped.

The police were contacted, but were unable to provide timely transport so the victims used their own dinghy and proceeded immediately to the hospital for medical treatment. A full police report was made.

No further details are currently available.

CSSN NOTE: If you are a victim , or encounter a victim, please encourage a (firsthand) CSSN report. The online form is available here, and privacy is assured.
ID: 2976