3125 – 2023-04-29 – Saint Kitts and Nevis – Offshore01 – Suspicious Activity


CSSN Report
CSSN First Hand Report

DATE: 2023-04-29 20:00
LOCATION: Saint Kitts and Nevis – Offshore01
EVENT: Suspicious Activity
DETAILS: A singlehanded sailing yacht was on passage from the BVI’s to the Grenadines. At approximately 18:00HRS the captain noticed a ship on AIS that had reduced speed, decreasing the CPA to less than 500 meters. AIS indicated the vessel was registered in Venezuela. Visibility was poor and the captain went dark, turning off AIS transmit and all lights . He then changed course to pass about 3 miles behind the vessel. The yacht monitored VHF 16 but no radio contact was made by the vessel.

At 20:00HRS, the captain heard the sound of an auxiliary boat bouncing off the waves in the distance. It was doing a search pattern, and coming steadily closer. It had no running lights. At this point the yacht was passing astern of the larger vessel at a distance of about 3.5 miles. The captain noted his position at 20:05HRS:  17° 06.0220′ N 063° 51.9680′ W, about 60 miles east of St. Kitts.

At about 20:45HRS the auxiliary vessel passed the yachts stern, travelling in the direction of the ship, which was visible at a distance of six or seven miles to the north-east. It did not return and the yacht continued without incident to the Grenadines.
ID: 3125