June 17, 2016 – CSSN Proudly Announces our New Website


CSSN’s  very dedicated team of volunteers has just launched our new website, www.safetyandsecuritynet.org .

June 17, 2016 – CSSN Proudly Announces our New Website

Look familiar, but different? It is, and to better reflect our independent and non-commercial mission we have changed our domain name from .com to .org . It’s time to update your bookmarks. Those who go to .com will be automatically redirected to .org for a period of time, but go ahead and make the update now. And you will see that there has been much more than just a name change.

The new site is designed to deliver our wealth of content and features with improved speed and performance as well as other enhanced usability features. The site now utilizes the latest in web design to allow you the option of seamlessly navigating by scrolling down the home page to our most popular features. There are new report capabilities with more options to more easily select the information that is most relevant to you. And it’s all even more mobile friendly.

As always you can stay informed by subscribing to our popular and free email Alerts! Or follow us on social media, choose the channel that best suits you. Tell a friend (or 2 or 3) about CSSN, our community grows stronger as awareness, usage and participation grow.

We welcome and appreciate feedback, so take a look and explore the newly designed and improved CSSN site, and

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