March 28th, 2018 – Rodney Bay – Persistent problems remain unchecked


CSSN has received 14 incident reports from the Rodney Bay area since late December 2017. Use Zoom- Tap, Know & Go to review all of the individual incidents there. They include all manner of theft – daytime, nighttime, all areas of the bay, the marina, and the lagoon. In-the-water dinghies/outboards seem to be the principal target and the thieves are well tooled, quiet and quick. Cruisers should use maximum precautions to secure dinghies at all times, including daylight hours, if you choose to visit there. Lifting and securely locking the dinghy at night is advisable. The thieves operating in Rodney Bay have regularly demonstrated an ability to compromise all but the most robust of locking systems.

2018 incidents in Rodney Bay & Marina
Hotspot map

It is unclear who, if anyone, will provide the leadership and the resources to address this persistent problem in Rodney Bay. Meanwhile, if you are a victim make an online report to CSSN, and an in-person report to both Customs (they have helped return some found but engineless dinghies and do have an operational boat) and the police. Scarce resources won’t get allocated to solve a problem that does not “officially” exist. We will advise of any changes in local reporting methods when/if they are agreed by local officials and stakeholders in St. Lucia.

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