NEWS item – June 22, 2017 – SVG officials will not prosecute 3 men


NEWS item – June 22, 2017 – SVG officials will not prosecute 3 men (Forde/Hanson/Lewis) charged in the violent assault and robbery aboard a visiting yacht in the Tobago Cays, in May 2016. Sadly, those originally charged but since released, are no strangers to violent crimes against yachts in SVG.

CSSN has been advised by the victims that no prosecution will be advanced against those initially charged in the violent assault/robbery in May 2016. SVG police failed to collect evidence from the scene.

A CSSN records search and additional research of local press articles establish that Forde and Hanson have been involved in serious and violent crimes against yachts in SVG for several years. Forde and Hanson were previously charged in a very similar assault/robbery of a charter yacht in the Tobago Cays in July 2011, which was reported to CSSN and Noonsite (see detailed incident report here). The victims in this case were never informed, and no press mention could be found, related to convictions for this crime, or any of the other crimes alleged at the time against these 2 men.

Further, in August 2012, Forde and others were convicted of theft from an unoccupied charter yacht in the Tobago Cays (incident not reported to CSSN, read local press account here). Forde was sentenced to 9 months for this offense.

CSSN advises anyone who is a victim of serious crime outside their home country to report to local authorities and to concurrently advise and enlist the support of their own consular officials. Beyond facilitating communications, their involvement and familiarity with local officials and processes can lend important oversight and support to efforts that lead to successful conclusion and prosecution.

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