Persistent problems in Canouan SVG Police Commissioner Michael Charles

Persistent problems in Canouan

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date:Mon, Jul 20, 2015 at 4:53 PM
subject:Persisitent problems in Canouan

To: SVG Police Commissioner Michael Charles

Cc:  Ministry of National Security,National Commission on Crime Prevention,Maritime Administration,Ministry of Tourism

Dear Commissioner Charles,

First, a brief introduction. My name Is Kim White and on behalf of the Caribbean Safety and Security Net (CSSN) and the cruising community I am requesting your help in resolving a persistent problem in Canouan . CSSN is a volunteer organization that serves the cruising community and those associated with it. You can find more about what we do on our website . CSSN  collects information about security incidents reported by the victims of crimes against yachts, and then shares this information with our user community, in the spirit of helping cruisers make informed choices about how and where they cruise.  Charlestown Bay , and nearby L’Ance Guyac ,  have been the site of 9* reported incidents this year, and it is not possible to know how many incidents may have gone unreported to CSSN. Occupied boats in the 2 bays were boarded at night. In some cases the owners/crew were awakened and they “interrupted” or “scared off” the would be thief, some incidents were successful thefts of everything from cash and valuable electronics to flip flops. Attached you will find a summary of the reports we have received, the first 7 have already been shared with our user community, the last 2* , whihc occurred in the last 10 days will be published when final details have been confirmed.  Never in the 19-year history of CSSN has a single location in the Caribbean basin suffered so many incidents in so short a time, even those locations that typically attract a much larger number of visiting yachts. You will notice in the comment detail in the attached summary that some of the victims indicated they made reports to the police, the Coast Guard or to a helpful local businessman, John Compton, who provides services and assistance to visiting yachts, including mooring rentals.

Will you take the lead to resolve this persistent problem?  It would also be helpful if you could describe specifically what you would like a captain to do when:

1) They discover an intruder on their boat at 3 AM, or

2) Become aware of an overnight boarding/theft

Please consider and recognize that some of the victims might be commercial public or private charterers, may be only overnight visitors, and may not have telephones. All will usually have VHF radio capability.

Additionally, please describe

3) What they should expect when they take the actions you define. Will a case number be assigned? Will a hard copy of their report be provided?  How will any follow up be conducted ?

I can certainly be helpful in communicating via CSSN to the cruising community.  This seems to be a problem that can be solved when the proper resources are applied in a coordinated way. How do you propose we work together to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome?

Looking forward to your reply,

Kim White

Kim R. White, S/V Gabrielle
Caribbean Safety and Security Net

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