Precaution Resources

Over the years, a list of tips and precautions has been developed through the suggestions of many cruisers. General Security Precautions for Cruisers provide ideas and suggestions for use while at anchor/moored, in marinas, boatyards or while visiting ashore.

Passage Precautions for use while underway was originally created because of problems off the Venezuelan coast.  While the risk there remains high, few boats visit anymore.  Recently, piracy reports have been concentrated in 2 sub-regions and separate lists specific to each have been compiled to recognize the very different character of the attacks there and the resources available. Yachts considering visiting or transiting Venezuelan waters would be wise to review both piracy precautions lists.

Piracy Passage Precautions – Central America are specific to the much larger and far more isolated region along the Central American coast.

Piracy Passage Precautions – Trinidad/Grenada are specific to the relatively short passage between the 2 countries.

The International Maritime Bureau Piracy reporting Centre (IMB PRC) runs a global 24-hour Piracy Reporting Centre based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which issues daily reports on its website. The services of the IMB PRC are free and are available to all ships and yachts, irrespective of their flag, worldwide. The IMB PRC will assist ships by contacting local authorities to render emergency response assistance to your location. The 24-hour Anti-Piracy HELPLINE can be contacted on telephone +60 3 2031 0014 and email: /

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