3011 – 2023-03-26 – Panama – Portobello – Assault


CSSN Report
CSSN Second Hand Report

DATE: 2023-03-26 00:30
LOCATION: Panama – Portobello
EVENT: Assault
STOLEN ITEMS: nothing of value
DETAILS: PRELIMINARY REPORT – A yacht crew was awoken by their dog when they were boarded by 2 men armed with guns and knives. A fight ensued, and the 3 crew sustained numerous cuts and bruises. The thieves departed without anything of value. A VHF call for assistance was made, with no response. The local police were called but were slow to respond. No further details are currently available.

CSSN NOTE: We will update this report when victims are able to make a firsthand report.
ID: 3011

CSSN News – March 27, 2023 – A second armed boarding/assault in Las Perlas, Panama


Preparing to transit the Panama canal eastbound, a cruising monohull with 4 persons onboard anchored in Las Perlas at about 1100HRS. No other boats were nearby. Just after dark at about 1930HRS four young Spanish speaking men armed with guns and machetes boarded from a quiet (paddled) but motorized panga. One crew member took the handheld VHF and locked themselves into the head, and activated DSC. The door was immediately broken down, the radio silenced and taken from the crew. One crew member was hit over the head and back with a pistol and all were made to lie on the floor at gunpoint while the yacht was aggressively ransacked. Much damage was done to the yachts interior cabinets, doors, and drawers. The cables to the radios and autopilot display were cut.

The thieves were onboard for approximately 1.5 hours and stole cash, wallets, electronics, phones, jewelry, foul weather gear, lifejackets, clothing, alcohol and fuel jugs containing gasoline. A full inventory has not been completed.

The dog was missing and presumed to have been pushed overboard or taken. After searching unsuccessfully for the dog for about 20 minutes and confirming the yacht was safely operable, they departed for Panama City. On arrival a crew member was taken for medical care and a report was made to Aeronaval. No forensics were taken at that time.

The US consulate was advised of this event and a full report is planned.

This is the second cruising yacht boarded/assaulted in Las Perlas recently. See the prior incident here.

2976 – 2023-02-07 – Saint Martin (France) – Marigot Bay – Assault


CSSN Report
CSSN Second Hand Report

DATE: 2023-02-07 00:30
LOCATION: Saint Martin (France) – Marigot Bay
EVENT: Assault
STOLEN ITEMS: phones and electronics

A yacht was boarded by 3 men armed with guns armed at 0030HRS. The family was robbed of phones and electronics. The captain was pistol whipped.

The police were contacted, but were unable to provide timely transport so the victims used their own dinghy and proceeded immediately to the hospital for medical treatment. A full police report was made.

No further details are currently available.

CSSN NOTE: If you are a victim , or encounter a victim, please encourage a (firsthand) CSSN report. The online form is available here, and privacy is assured.
ID: 2976

2943 – 2022-12-18 – Saint Lucia – Pitons – Assault


CSSN Report
CSSN Second Hand Report

DATE: 2022-12-18 03:00
LOCATION: Saint Lucia – Pitons
EVENT: Assault
STOLEN ITEMS: Mobile phones (other : unknown, to be updated)
DETAILS: PRELIMINARY REPORT : At 0300HRS a charter catamaran on a SMMA park mooring at Pitons was boarded by six(6) men armed with machetes and robbed of cellphones , plus other items tbd. It is not known if there were any injuries. A report was made to the SMMA park rangers. Further details expected when the charter returns to its base on Monday, December 19.

CSSN UPDATE : 19 December – The charter company has refused to provide any details or contact information for the victims. If you are a victim, please complete the CSSN online incident report so that others can understand the facts about what did/did not occur.

This is the 5th reported violent incident in the Soufriere/Pitons area in the last 5 months, see CSSN incidents 2894, 2897, 2876 and  2848.

Patrols are reported to have been recently put in place, but were clearly not an effective deterrent in this latest case.

ID: 2943

2894 – 2022-10-06 – Saint Lucia – Soufriere – Assault


CSSN Report
CSSN First Hand Report

DATE: 2022-10-06 00:30
LOCATION: Saint Lucia – Soufriere
EVENT: Assault
STOLEN ITEMS: phone, tablet, computer and clothing
SECURED: Not Locked
DETAILS: A cruising couple on their yacht on an SMMA mooring were awoken and boarded at 0030HRS by 4 masked/hooded men with knives and machetes. The thieves stole electronics (phone,tablet,computer) and personal items (clothing). The crew was not injured. A police report was made, no forensics were taken.

CSSN NOTE: approximately one month ago a similar incident was reported at this location, see 2876 .

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ID: 2894

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