Bloody Bay, Tobago – Armed boarding, assault and robbery


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CSSN Second Hand Report
CSSN Second Hand Report

(2013-09-26) From the Grenada Cruisers Facebook page: Four men boarded a cruising catamaran at 1 am. An elderly female crew was restrained and threatened with a pistol while the male skipper, attempting to repel the boarders, was struck on the head with his own machete. Luckily it was the flat of the blade, rather than the sharp edge. Another female, the only other cruiser in that secluded bay, was fired at twice as she attempted to approach in her dinghy. Both cruising boats immediately hauled anchor and proceeded to Store Bay. A mask and cap belonging to the boarders have been recovered. Money was demanded but, as the crew had only $30 TT, the men quickly departed “in a panic” in their boat after firing at the approaching dinghy. Police have interviewed the skipper.

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