Laundromat “Flasher” in St. Anne’s Martinique



While CSSN does not generally cover crimes against cruisers when they happen ashore unless cruisers are specifically targeted, this incident has a reasonable probability of being repeated. It occurred at a business located near the St. Anne’s anchorage visited by many cruisers.

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CSSN First HAnd Report

The “flasher” incident happened  2015-12-06 11:00  at a DIY  (Do It Yourself) Laundromat located near the abandoned resort a few minutes walk from the floating dinghy dock at the south end of town.  A female cruiser was alone in the Laundromat while her husband left to get water and change.  A man entered and asked an innocuous question, then left.  He returned a few minutes later and said he had a “problem” and then fully exposed himself. He was just out of range of the security cameras. The woman exited immediately and went in the direction of other people, the “flasher” left quickly in the opposite direction.

This incident was reported to the local police (Gendarme).

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