CSSN News McMurdo EPIRB Bulletin – Top Dome Cracking 18 February 2017


McMurdo has issued a service bulletin for the products below.

If you have one of the products you may wish to inspect it and be sure you have confidence in the integrity and safety of your unit.

Here is a link to the original service bulletin  Issue No: MG016B Date: 18th February 2017


… the top dome under certain circumstances may begin to show signs of localised craze cracking. Small cracks may appear to be radiating out from the three over moulded screw inserts.

The following is directly from the McMurdo Bulletin:

Products Affected:

• McMurdo SmartFind EPIRB – All Versions

• Kannad Marine EPIRB, Sport/Sport Pro/Sport Pro +

Top dome replacement

Dear Partner,

It has come to our attention that the top dome under certain circumstances may begin to show signs of localised craze cracking. Small cracks may appear to be radiating out from the three over moulded screw inserts.


The cracking area is outside of the waterproof seal (main O ring seal) in a wet zone which is a self-draining cavity. As such, any cracking in this area will not compromise the waterproof body seal in anyway, or significantly weaken the overall integrity of the EPIRB.


1. Clearly, any cracking is undesirable and unsightly and our recommendation is that the EPIRB should be subject to rectification work at earliest opportunity.

2. Should you have any concern with regarding the condition of your EPIRB you are invited in the first instance to contact the McMurdo customer support team for advice.

3. If the EPIRB is in warranty period, complete an RMA application using the online form:-


McMurdo believes that if you have any doubts about the condition of any safety apparatus, you should have it reviewed by an expert before it is deployed as your primary search and rescue equipment. Although the dome cracking is superficial and won’t impact on operational effectiveness of the beacon, customer safety and confidence in McMurdo’s products is our primary concern. If you need further information regarding the issue or rectification process, please contact our customer service team for further advice. Contact Information: Email: service.uk@mcmurdogroup.com Phone: +44 (0)2392 623900

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