!montserratThe Soufrière Hills Volcano began erupting on July 18, 1995. The Montserrt Volcano Observatory was established soon afterwards to monitor volcanic activity and provide impartial advice to the civil authorities. Yachts are warned that there is a maritime exclusion zone around the southern parts of the island, extending 2.5 miles or 4 km off shore from the old airport (16.77 degrees north, 62.17 west) to Old Road Bluff (16.75 degrees north, 62.24 degrees west), although this exclusion zone changes, based on current volcano activity. Yachts are also cautioned that ash cloud can inflict severe damage to sails, decks, cockpit canvas and windows, and to air intake filters. The prudent mariner will pass far to the west (some say as many as fifteen miles) or to the east, depending on the prevailing winds.

Visitors to the island and those passing by are advised to tune to ZJB Radio 88.3 or 95.5 FM for up-to-date information on the volcano. Further information, including history and photos can be found at MONTSERRAT

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