Venezuela Travel Warning, July 7, 2016


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United States Department of State

“The U.S. Department of State warns U.S. citizens that violent crime in Venezuela is pervasive, both in the capital Caracas and throughout the country. Security restrictions on U.S. government personnel may restrict the services the Embassy can provide. All U.S. direct-hire personnel and their families assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Caracas are subject to an embassy movement policy which limits their travel abilities within Caracas and in other parts of the country for their safety and well-being. Country-wide shortages of food, water, medicine, electricity, and other basic goods have led to violence and looting. This replaces the Travel Warning issued on September 18, 2015.

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Venezuela has one of the world’s highest crime rates and, according to the non-governmental organization Venezuelan Violence Observatory, has the second highest homicide rate. Violent crime – including murder, armed robbery, kidnapping, and carjacking – is endemic throughout the country. Drug traffickers and illegal armed groups are active in the Colombian border states of Zulia, Tachira, and Apure.

Armed robberies and street crime take place throughout Caracas and other cities, including in areas generally presumed safe and frequented by tourists. Heavily armed criminals are known to use grenades and assault rifles to commit crimes at banks, shopping malls, public transportation stations, and universities.Criminals may take advantage of power outages to target victims when lights and security alarms are nonfunctional.”

CSSN Note: Consular Citizen services may be readily available to nationals of countries  other than the United States from their Embassies and Consuls. However, consider checking your country’s presence prior to risking travel to Venezuela.

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See the State Department’s travel website for the Worldwide Caution
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