3072 – 2023-08-02 – Trinidad and Tobago – Trinidad – Scotland Bay – Assault


CSSN Report
CSSN First Hand Report

DATE: 2023-08-02 20:00
LOCATION: Trinidad and Tobago – Trinidad – Scotland Bay
EVENT: Assault
STOLEN ITEMS: cash, 2 phones, 1 tablet and all credit cards, dive mask
DETAILS: A singlehander anchored his yacht in Scotland Bay, Trinidad. No other yachts were present. He purchased fish from a local fisherman. The fisherman returned again a few days later accompanied by a prostitute and again offered fish and also services. The services were declined and the 2 were invited onboard for a drink.

The captain was knocked unconscious and awoke in a daze sometime later with severe head injuries. He asked the fisherman for help and assistance with transit to the hospital. The fisherman asked for money. When the captain went below to get his wallet, he found that it had been emptied of all cash and credit cards, and realized he had been robbed. Also missing were 2 phones and a tablet. He asked the two to leave, and they departed.

The captain managed to take his boat to Chaguaramas late that night and received assistance from other cruisers. He was taken immediately to the hospital and admitted.

After discharge he returned to his yacht and a full report was made to the police, and later to his consulate.

Police have identified a suspect but have not been successful in locating/apprehending the man. He is also suspected in another incident of theft, see CSSN ALERT! 3088.

CSSN will as a matter of policy update this report if new information from the police is made available.
ID: 3072