3093 – 2023-09-07 – Trinidad and Tobago – Trinidad – Chaguaramas – Anchorage – Theft


CSSN Report
CSSN First Hand Report

DATE: 2023-09-07 01:00
LOCATION: Trinidad and Tobago – Trinidad – Chaguaramas – Anchorage
EVENT: Theft
STOLEN ITEMS: Avon dinghy (SN AVB14263B19) and 15HP Yamaha engine (SN 1174350)
DETAILS: A yacht arrived in Trinidad and took a mooring near Peakes. Overnight while asleep onboard their in-the-water and cable locked Avon dinghy (SN AVB14263B19) / 15HP Yamaha engine (SN 1174350) was stolen.

Reports were made to the police, Coast Guard and the marina.

CSSN NOTE: Recently there have been several dinghy thefts in this bay, as well as incidents of attempted robbery and assault. Dinghy thieves have come prepared with tools, so lifting and securely locking should be considered a best practice.

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ID: 3093