CSSN News – November 6, 2023 – Noforeignland is now a CSSN Information Sharing Partner



CSSN is excited and proud to announce our new Information Sharing Partnership with noforeignland. Now you can see CSSN incident reports not only on our popular website Zoom-Tap Know & Go maps, but also integrated with other cruising destination details on the interactive noforeignland map. Including safety and security information in your planning has become even easier!

Noforeignland is a popular and richly featured map based cruising destination planning website and app, with much to offer our cruising community. The comprehensive crowd-sourced sailing destinations include all the details you want to know about – like navigation and port of entry information, dinghy docks, laundry, propane, medical, snorkeling spots and so much more. Their filtering capability makes it easy to display just what you want to see as you plan your sailing itinerary. You can easily download information for use offline, too. You will even find convenient links to the CSSN online incident reporting form.

Noforeignland is much more than a destination or cruising guide. Their platform includes many social features designed for cruisers allowing you to add your own boat, create your own track for you and others to see, find friends boats, form or join groups of common interest like Kids4Sail, include your photos and blog – all in one place.

It’s easy to download the noforeignland app, easy to use and customize, and now easy to add CSSN data to your maps/display, or simply look for any of  the noforeignland CSSN reference icons :

positioned off major anchorages and click to add and then customize CSSN reports on your maps in noforeignland.  It’s that easy and it’s all FREE. Check it out and sign-up today and Know Before You Go !