CSSN NEWS 2018 01 12 – CSSN Launches Zoom-Tap, Know and Go


CSSN News – January 12, 2018 – CSSN is proud to announce a compelling new feature now active on our website Homepage – Zoom-Tap, Know & Go interactive infographics.

CSSN has launched a truly innovative new feature – an easy to use set of data visualization tools presented in the form of interactive maps. They comprise a suite of infographics designed to assist captains and crew in assessing safety and security risks by location in the Caribbean basin.

CSSN has been collecting and reporting incident data and geocoding it with Google map coordinates in preparation for the time when there was sufficient data to be able to organize it into a visually compelling and useful interactive infographic. We have now made all this information available to the cruising and yachting community on a single screen, accessible on any device users choose.

Now, before you cruise to a given island or anchorage in the Caribbean, simply access the CSSN Zoom-Tap, Know & Go interactive infographic risk assessment tool. Easily and quickly review what the historical pattern of incidents has been since 2014 at any location. Zoom in to any location, then tap a marker to research and understand any incident reported there – see all the same supporting details and updates that appear in our incident reports and database. It’s that easy.

It could not be easier to Know Before You Go! Take Zoom-Tap, Know & Go for a test drive. All offered for free, with no commercial content or sponsor/advertiser influence, by the all-volunteer team at CSSN. Using the best available information – CSSN informs, and captains decide.

As always, we welcome your comments and feedback by email, safetyandsecuritynet@gmail.com

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